Submissive and Excitable Urination

submissive urination

Submissive urination and excitable urination often feel like accidents … and to a degree, they are … but they are so much more than accidents when we look at the emotional responses that they actually are.

Here’s a video I created for you to better understand and to help your dog overcome this little problem:

I’ve got a question for you ….


Does your dog pee a little when you come home?

You know, she gets all excited and you find little pee spots


Well, there’s a name for this … it’s called excitable urination


And in this video we’re gonna talk about how to help your dog get over it!

There is a difference in submissive urination and excitable urination – mainly the cause!

Excitable urination happens when your dog is just so freakin’ excited she just can’t control herself!

Submissive urination happens when your dog is fearful of something (real or perceived)

For puppies, this temporary loss of control is very normal and most dogs will grow out of the behavior

But there are some dogs who won’t grow out of it and we have to help them along a little bit

Here is the #1 RULE – that should NEVER BE BROKEN



It doesn’t help – it will only make things worse – for you and for your dog

Ok, so what should you do?

Here are a few tips that will help you pup grow out of either submissive or excitable urination:


  • gradually expose your dog or puppy to new situations to build positive experiences
  • you can take play time and other high energy activities outside if you are concerned about cleaning up pee in the house
  • when you come home, do not shower your dog with attention at first – give very limited attention and wait until your dog has calmed down before giving them love (but remember to still keep the routine of going outside to potty at the top of the list of things to do when you come home)
  • allow your dog the option of greeting anyone he or she chooses – never force them to greet a new person inside or outside of your home
  • never lean over your dog, as this is seen as a power position. Instead, kneel down to love and play with your dog
  • anytime your dog exhibits confident behavior, reward them!
  • Last but not least, make sure your dog has been seen by your veterinarian to rule out any possibility of medical issues causing inappropriate urination


Alright guys, there you have it! How to properly handle excitable or submissive urination in your dog!

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