Color Therapy for Pets

color therapy for pets

Y’all know I’m all about using different therapies in our everyday lives that help bring healing and happiness. For example, I love essential oils, which not only have healing properties but also can change my mood with one sniff. Crystals are another way I’m learning to adjust the energy and vibrations throughout my home. In this same regard, color therapy can have some pretty big impacts on our health and our mood.

Different colors have different energetic properties. The origins of color therapy come from China, India, and Egypt, where it was called chromotherapy. Different colors create different wavelengths of energy, which can help restore energetic balance mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

How To Use Color Therapy

Using color therapy is pretty simple and can also be free. Here are some examples of items that can be used for color therapy:

  • Bedding: blanket, towel, bedspread, sheet, pet bed, pillow, scarf
  • Lighting: candles, light bulbs, crystal lamps
  • Accessories: collar, leash/harness, bandanas, clothing
  • Food: fruits/vegetables added to meals, putting a colored placemat under the food itself to raise the frequency
  • Water: fill a clear glass jar with purified water, tape a piece of colored paper to the jar, and set out overnight during a full moon.
  • Other: toys, crystals, paper, placemat, food bowls

It is always important that your pet can move away from the color if they choose, which is why I don’t generally recommend attaching items to your pet for a long period of time. I prefer to provide the color option to an animal so they can set on it or near it if they choose. Also, be sure that any items you use are safe for your pet. Don’t place them in harm with items that can be ingested or that they could get tangled in.

Red is also a color to be used sparingly, as it can aggravate aggression and inflammation, so use it very cautiously.

Here are some examples of colors and the vibrational energy they provide:

  • Red: promotes courage, improved appetite, strength, and energy
  • Orange: projects a sense of optimism, positivity, warmth, happiness, and assertiveness.
  • Yellow: creates a sense of warmth, and cheerfulness; stimulates the nervous system & relieves depression
  • Green: promotes a sense of security, compassion, calmness, and being grounded
  • Sky Blue: creates a sense of calmness, tranquility, and relaxation
  • Purple: this energy is all about uplifting spirits, calming the mind and nerves, connecting to the spirit
  • Pink: promote healing during illness or after surgery; helps reduce separation anxiety

Animals share similar chakras to us humans, and each chakra has its corresponding color. Color therapy is also helpful when balancing the chakras for this reason.

Next time you find yourself or your pet struggling through something, whether it be emotional or physical, try offering a towel or blanket of a certain color (depending on the situation) and see if they move toward it. I tried it with my cats and find that all of my cats will rotate between a particular bed that I placed a green sheet on. This was a bed that they never used before (they have more than they can use!), so I find it interesting how they choose the color when they need it and share it between each of them. Outside of this one spot, they each have their own beds and spots they prefer, so seeing any one of them in this spot means they went out of their way to get there.

Let me know if you try this and how your pet reacts!

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