5 Common Household Items Dangerous To Your Pets


5 Common Household Items Dangerous To Your Pets

There are lots of things around our house that can cause harm to us and to our pets. We are much larger so we can take more than our pets can, though that’s not to say that we should be exposed to these things either. This is not an exhaustive list, but five of the most common items found in most homes.

1. Household cleaners and chemicals

I know we’ve talked about this one before, I even have a few videos up on making your own cleaners. I use a couple of them, but the one I use every single day and love is the one with animalEO Citrus clean. Cleaners and other chemicals are dangerous for a number of reasons. Cleaners specifically have phthalates and other chemicals that we know cause cancer and other serious illness.

Our pets are smaller than us and they don’t wear clothes, so their skin and paw pads are in direct contact with surfaces cleaned with these chemicals, leaching them directly into their body. They also don’t shower every day as we do. The toxic load in our pet’s body is vastly greater than our own, and our’s isn’t looking good let me tell you!

Of course, there are other chemicals, such as bleach and other disinfectants that we should also be wary of. I’m not saying that you can’t clean your home, but let’s be more responsible about what we put in out environment.

Plus, the amount of disinfectant we use is atrocious! Not all bacteria is bad and we need a good healthy ecosystem of bacteria not only in our body but also on our skin to live in balance with nature. So do your pets.

2. Garden chemicals

I won’t go too much into detail here because it’s basically the same as the first, except we will often improve inside the home and not think about the outside of our home in the same way. Chemicals used to keep bugs off of your trees, or to keep pests away from your home can be quite dangerous to your pets.

I’m not perfect, I’ve done this too. For years I’ve used an “organic” pest control service. For a long time, I thought I was doing better, but it clicked one day that they still tell me to make sure my pets stay inside for at least an hour after spraying. Wait, if it’s organic, why would that be an issue? I’m not using them anymore, I’m switching to Wondercide.

We’ve also talked about controlling pests on your pets, here is a link to that live video: Natural alternatives to flea & tick meds ( & bug control): https://youtu.be/sA6-tNayzg8

3. Processed foods

Nothing irks me more than to hear someone say that dogs can’t have “people food.” Like, where do you think dog food comes from?? Outer space?

That said, there are so many processed foods that we eat that our pets shouldn’t and there are a few whole foods that they shouldn’t eat either. For example, dogs shouldn’t eat onions. Cats shouldn’t eat onions or garlic. Kibble is also processed food.

4. Human medications

According to the ASPCA poison control line, over-the-counter human medications and prescription medications are the top two called about ingested poisons. Make sure to store medications out of reach of pets and never leave them on nightstands or countertops

5. House Plants

I love plants and even though I don’t have a green thumb I am going to fill the new house with plants! But, we do have to be cautious about what types of plants to bring inside as there are some plants that are quite toxic to dogs and cats. Poinsettias, azalea, chrysanthemums, lilies, oleanders, and tulips are among the toxic ones.


6. Anything scented (“natural fragrance”)

I buy everything I can unscented from laundry detergent to hand soaps and face wash. I also rarely burn candles. I’ve always gotten headaches from candles and I learned why not too long ago. The fragrances they use, even if it says “natural” are anything but natural. They are some nasty chemicals and fill your home with toxic air pollutants.

Instead, I diffuse veterinary-grade essential oils that I enjoy the aroma of, and as a bonus, they also have wonderful healing properties!

I hope you enjoy today’s video, you can watch here: https://youtu.be/Zm9m8IYYJxw


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