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Empowering pet parents to be their pets best advocate and get real results through positive training, nutrition, and holistic health.

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You'll receive expert advice to help you help your pet, whether that is with preventive care or helping a pet with an unfortunate diagnosis, I am here to give you guidance that enables you to be the best pet parent you can be, and to help your pets thrive using a combination of food therapy and other holistic modalities.

certified holistic pet health coach and nutritionist


Whether you need individualised help with behavior, training, or health coaching… or if you just need a video guide to help you and your dog find balance, the right service awaits


As a pet health coach, I am your trusted guide to help your pet get through difficult situations, such as chronic illness, into wellness and health. I am not a replacement for one-on-one veterinary care, but work alongside your trusted veterinarian to help uncover the root cause of illness, helping your pet to thrive. I received my certification from Dr. Ruth Roberts, an Integrative Veterinarian, who uses TCVM along with allopathic and other forms of holistic medicine with her patients.

I am also a Certified Professional Canine Nutritionist, which allows me to hep your pet even better through food therapy.
Through years of experience and study, growing my tool box with many different modalities, including food therapy, whole food supplements, veterinary grade essentials oils, TCVM, and other holistic supplements, I can help you put a plan together to help your pet through the good times and the bad. Hopefully, more good times!

Jessica L. Fisher, CPCN, CHPHC



the truth about DCM in dogs

The Truth About Pet Food & DCM (Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy)


Updated September 2023 I’ve been hesitant to post anything about DCM (Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy) for years now because the truth is that we don’t know

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How To Stop Your Dog’s Begging


Believe it or not, begging is something that we as humans have created in our dogs, so it’s one of the easiest habits to break. 

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A New Canine Lymphoma Drug … Friend or Foe?


Let me start out by saying that my dog does not currently have lymphoma and I have never had a dog with lymphoma. All treatments

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The Two Names Trick for Training A Reliable Recall


Dogs aren’t robots, so to think that they will respond to you 100% of the time no matter what is, let’s be real, a pipe

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11 Foods to SUPERCHARGE Your Dogs Bowl


We know that the 2 things we can do to improve our health are to eat healthier and move more. The same is true with

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hot spot

Hot Spot? Here’s What To Do


Today’s video is all about hot spots. If you’ve never heard of a hot spot, well, you and your dog are pretty lucky! Hot spots

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