Holistic Pet Health Coaching & Nutrition Consultation

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Individualized Pet Health Coaching

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Elevate Your Dog’s Wellbeing with Our Exclusive Canine Nutrition and Holistic Health Session

Holistic wellness begins with this 60-minute canine (or feline) nutrition and holistic health consultation, personalized just for your dog or cat. Led by Jessica Fisher, renowned holistic pet health coach and canine nutritionist, this session delivers a personalized approach to your dog’s diet and overall health, all through a convenient Zoom call.

Your Exclusive Package Includes:

  • Personalized 60-Minute Zoom Session: Dive into a comprehensive conversation about your pet’s health, diet, and lifestyle. This session is your opportunity to share your concerns for your pet, ensuring the advice you receive is perfectly aligned with your pet’s needs.
  • Tailored Nutrition Plans: Receive up to 3 custom-crafted recipes or recommendations for high-quality commercial foods that meet your dog’s specific nutritional requirements (customized to meet your needs). These personalized plans are designed to optimize your dog’s or cat’s health, vitality, and wellness.
  • Guided Holistic Supplement Recommendations: Uncover the potential of holistic supplements with our expert guidance. Based on your pet’s unique health profile, we’ll suggest natural supplements – as needed- that can support their diet and contribute to their overall wellbeing.
  • Ongoing Support with Follow-Up Emails: Benefit from up to 3 follow-up emails to help integrate the new health strategies seamlessly into your dog’s life. These communications provide an opportunity for progress review, adjustments, and answers to any questions that may arise, ensuring a successful transition to a healthier lifestyle for your dog.Follow up sessions are also available as needed.

Why Opt for Our Consultation?

Our service is more than just nutritional guidance; it’s a holistic wellness journey for your pet. With Jessica Fisher’s expertise, gain invaluable insights and confidence to make the best health decisions for your dog or cat. Transform your pet’s life with strategies that foster long-term health and happiness.

Make a pivotal change in your pet’s life with our holistic nutrition and health consultation.