Holistic Pet Health Coaching & Nutrition Consultation


Individualized Pet Health Coaching

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What is holistic pet health coaching?

I’m a part of your healthcare team for your pets. Your veterinarian will always play an important role. Still, with training in holistic modalities, I can assess your pet through pictures, lab values, and their TCVM profiles to better help you provide individualized support for your pet.

If you have a dog or cat that you are dealing with medical issues of any kind and would like holistic assistance, this is where I come in.

Finding Holistic support can be difficult, so this one-of-a-kind program was developed by Dr. Ruth Roberts, my teacher, and mentor. As a certified canine nutritionist, I focus the foundation of health on proper nutrition.

Who Does This Work For?

Holistic pet health coaching works for anyone, whether you are looking for preventive care for your pet, or if you are dealing with a chronic illness in your pet. Allergies, diabetes, endocrine disorders, liver damage, kidney damage, and diseases up to and including cancer, can all benefit from holistic health.

What Does This Entail?

You will fill out a detailed intake form on behalf of your cat, and send over vet records and pictures. I’ll take it from there and schedule a time when we can chat over zoom to provide you with my assessment and offer recommendations for holistic support including food therapy.

If you choose the maintenance package, you will also receive email support between meetings.

Click here for the holistic pet health coaching maintenance package