Pet Safety: Expert Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe During Summer

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Pet Tips for Spring

This morning’s live was all about pet tips for Spring!

We talked mostly about allergies, fleas & ticks & mosquitos.

Y’all, every subject just brings me right back to diet… but listen, what we put in our bodies (in our dog’s bodies, in our cat’s bodies) matters SOOOOOOO stinkin’ much!

When I think of Spring, I think of cleaning, a fresh start and allergies. Environmental allergies are a real thing, and they are not to be understated, but when our dogs are healthy, when we put good in the body, they are better able to naturally mitigate what comes their way.

I have been doing quite a bit of research lately on flea and tick repellents and on what to do for my dog to protect from heartworm since we are moving to Texas in a few months.

Overwhelmingly what I find is that my dog is simply an inhospitable host. 

She is healthy. She eats a biologically appropriate diet, she is getting more exercise now than ever before, and we do not bombard her body with pesticides, flea and tick treatments, heartworm pills and vaccinations.

We will talk more on vaccinations at a later date, but I do want to mention here that I am not anti-vaccination… I am anti-over-vaccination.

Kim just went to the vet for her annual exam and we did titer testing to find out if she had immunity or needed additional vaccines. I’ll let y’all know more about this when we get all of the results.

But what I want you to know is that a healthy dog is an inhospitable host. 

To maintain a healthy ecosystem in our new home, I will use Wondercide to treat the yard. (not sponsored!) It is the most natural thing I can do to help mitigate pests such as fleas and ticks in our yard while keeping the chemical load at a minimum for Kim and us. I will also use Wondercide and/or animalEO sprays on Kim when we venture out at dusk or dawn.

This is my plan of attack for pests, and so I want to share with you.

But another topic we covered this morning was about bringing plants into your home! I don’t know about you but lately I have had such a strong urge to bring more plants into my home.

Not only do they help balance energy in your home and bring a little of the outside in, but they also help clean the air in your home. So Spring is a great time to consider this.

But, not all plants are animal safe! Dogs generally do well around most plants (except some that are very toxic like mistletoe, birds of paradise, lillies, etc.) but cats are a different story because they like to chew on and eat plants around the house.

Here are a few cat safe plants you can get for your home:
Spider Plants
Prayer Plant
Herbs (all kinds! including basil, thyme, mint & rosemary)

Let me know if you have any specific questions relating to Spring and keeping your pets safe! 

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