Moving With Pets

moving with pets part 2

I’m traveling today to go to my sister’s wedding in North Carolina, but I did have a video go live on YouTube this morning so I scheduled this post for y’all! 

Today’s video is actually the 2nd in a series of moving with pets. In the first video I shared some tips and in this video, y’all, things are getting real! We will be moving in about 1 month and my nerves are a hot mess!

In this video, I provide some tips on moving with pets and driving across the country and give an idea of how we are planning it.

Watch the video here:

Our trip will be just under 1,300 miles so we are breaking this up into 3 days. Along the way, we will be stopping to sleep in pet-friendly hotels each night. Here are my tips for this trip:

1. Plan out the supplements and aids that you will be using to help your pet during this time. Don’t wait until the day of because you want to try them out ahead of time. I’m planning on using, it and have already tested it out with my pets:

– animalEO’s Calm-A-Mile ( ) is available in a ready-to-use formulation and a diffusion blend. I have also purchased a car diffuser to use for very short bursts at a time so as to not overwhelm the air in the car. This is the one I chose: 

– Cat Calm from Feline Essentials, which can be added to food: 

– Bach’s Rescue Remedy, which can be added to food or turned into a mist using a spray bottle and distilled water:

2. I don’t want my cats to be cramped up in their carriers for three days straight, so I have purchased two larger travel crates. These are large enough for 2 cats each plus a litter box. I purchased them way in advance so I can make sure they will fit in my car, that they will be a good size for the cats and so I can place them out for the cats to get used to them. I want them to smell like our house and even the cats themselves to that the ride will be more comfortable for them.

These are the 2 travel crates that I show in the video: JesPet 3-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate:

3. Plan your route! My husband planned our route and we went over it together. There was a section where we would have traveled along the Mexican border and I wasn’t comfortable with that due to the border crisis we have going on right now, so he changed it. We added about an hour, but we both feel more comfortable with it now.

When planning the route, he also decided where our stops would be each night. This took some time, trying to figure out a good amount of time/miles to be on the road each day while stopping in a large enough city that we have options for pet-friendly hotels.

Once he picked the stops, he searched for pet-friendly hotels. We have multiple options each night in each city.

4. Kim loves riding in the car, but if you need to work with your dog to enjoy car rides, or if you need to use a crate for your dog in the car, make sure to work with them early on and regularly!

These are the tips in today’s video. Our house is already a huge mess with boxes everywhere. It’s giving me anxiety, but I keep reminding myself that it’s temporary.

I’m planning on taking some videos as we move and during our drive, so let me know if there is anything specific you’d like to see!

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