Fireworks & Noise Phobias


We all have feelings about fireworks, but so do our pets. It’s important to take their feelings into consideration, so if you have a pet who is scared, please stay home with them and help them through it.

Desensitization is great, but if you have not worked on this before now, it’s something to start on right away and you’ll want to take extra precautions this year. 

😎 Remain CALM. Your vibe will affect your dog or cat. 

🎶 Play calming music. On New Year I played relaxing music from YouTube on my phone. The 4th of July, I invested in a RelaxoPet EASY Relaxation Bluetooth speaker. You can find it on Dr. Judy’s store:

🧪 Full-spectrum C🐝D oil. I have tried a few with my pets and I recommend the EASE line from C🐝D Dog Health:             

🌟 TIP: I have a small dog, so I buy the cat line and use it for both my dog and my cats

🐾 HomeoPet Fireworks Remedy is a homeopathic remedy that comes ready to use in a drop bottle. You can get it on Amazon:

🐶🐱 Thundershirt – I will never be without one of these amazing inventions! You can also find these on Amazon:

Keep to your routine. Remain calm. If the noise disrupts your dog, get happy and get in motion. Use your excited voice to say “Boom Boom” and offer their favorite play (my dog likes squeaky toys). Remember to reward and enforce calm with positive talk.

If you need to take your dog outside to potty, make sure to keep them on a leash as loud noises like fireworks can send them running!



Desensitization is important for all dogs. To work on noise phobias, including fireworks, start by using audio of the noise you are wanting to desensitize.

Start with a very low volume and play the audio during play sessions. Over time you will slowly be able to turn the volume up and your dog will learn to associate the noise with fun and play! 

This will take time, but it will be time well spent! Only turn the volume up in small increments and over days and weeks, as your dog is comfortable. Never force your dog past the threshold, meaning past their comfort zone, as this will delay progress.


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