Force Free Dog Training

force free


What exactly does that mean? And why do we use it?

🌟 Force free training is a common term used for Positive Reinforcement training 🌟

This means that we use positive associations to build desired behaviors.

Absolutely no threats, force, pain, intimidation or coercion.

Why do we use this method? Besides the fact that it’s the only humane way to train, we now know that using pain and fear don’t actually work … at least not in the long run.

Positive reinforcement requires no special equipment, no certain type of collar or device. Certainly never would we ever use prong collars, shock collars, or the like.

Using positive reinforcement (or force free) means that an animal chooses to modify their behavior based on the rewards offered to do so.

You should never see an animal fearful, or in distress, they should always be happy and eager to please (and get that reward!)

The field of dog training has changed. It’s evolving even today. We are constantly learning and improving. The better we become as trainers, the happier the dogs will be too.

If you’re working with a trainer, or are considering working with a trainer, make sure to do your homework. Ask questions. Be observant.

You are only responsible for taking care of your dog. If you are uncomfortable, say so. Don’t worry about offending the trainer. Your dog is your number one priority. If the trainer is quality, they will welcome your questions and your observations and work with you to address all of your concerns.

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  1. Training our 4month old toy fox terrier to be a emotional support dog. Having hard time getting her to walk by daughters side

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