How To Deal With A Stubborn Dog

I have no idea what you want

You try and try and try, but your dog just won’t do what you’re asking them to do…..

Why? Now what?

🚨Here’s the truth 🚨

If your dog is having difficulty learning a specific behavior, the most likely reasons are:

➡️ You’re dog isn’t understanding what you want because they can’t read your signals and your technique is in need of improvement.

➡️ The reward you are using is not a high enough value for your dog to perform the task or behavior. Use a high value food reward, one your dogs mouth will water over.

➡️ You’re not setting your dog up for success … training is about taking baby steps, allowing your dog to master one thing before moving on to the next step in the sequence. Many behaviors will need to be trained in multiple steps. Chances are that you’re going too fast and asking for too many steps at once, most likely before your dog has had a chance to master the previous step.

Take it slow, let your dog have the win at every step, and treat big!

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