Is Your Dog Stubborn?

Stubborn Dog

Do you think that you have a “stubborn” dog?

So, I hear it all the time. And recently I was speaking privately with a group member ( ) who said that 2 trainers have already told her that her dog is just stubborn and needed a choke collar.

Oh lawdy! Does that ever get my blood boiling!

Why? Because dog trainers have a responsibility to be humane to dogs and teach their clients how to train with compassion. They should know better, but if they can’t figure it out … it must be the dog, right?! WRONG!

I’ve never met a dog that I’d actually call stubborn. The key is to learn how your dog is speaking to you and how to speak to your dog.

More often than not, a dog that most people would call “stubborn,” I’ve found, are just incredibly intelligent and their owner has not established a communication channel with them.

Often times they are also very bored and always looking for something to do, some way to channel their energy, which to us humans looks more like getting into trouble.

So, what to do??

Pay attention to your dog. Learn their body language! This is how they tell you what they are feeling and thinking.

And then learn how to speak back to your dog with your body language.

Many dogs need jobs to do, especially if they are uber smart.

If you have a dog exhibiting an unsavory behavior, give them something to do INSTEAD of that behavior.

For example, if your dog is chewing on the leash, teach them to carry a toy or stick while walking so they have a job to do. If they are walking with a toy or stick in their mouth, they can’t chew on the leash! 💡

So, no, I don’t see a stubborn dog, what I see is a dog trying to tell their handler what they need and being ignored or misunderstood.

What does your dog do that you treat as being “stubborn”?

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  1. Kibbles and bits my dog has issues with being left alone.she is afraid of getting a bath. She fights me all the way.

  2. Jessica, I plan to join your classes when I finish my last college class in a month but until then can you give me the trick to get my German shorthair to come when called. It is for safety reasons I need this command. His breed is very snoopy and focused but we have snakes and I need him to
    Come when he goes too far away. Please help

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