Should I Adopt A New Dog?

Want to adopt a new dog

💜🐕 Ready To Add A Second Dog To Your Family? 🐕💜

DOGS ARE AWESOME! And for most of us, the more the merrier! But, before you add a second dog to your family, there are a few things to consider…

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Most importantly on that list is how your current dog will react to having another dog in the house.

Before you go falling in love with a new pooch, test the waters with your current dog. Arrange play dates with other dogs (friends or family, even neighbors make good people to ask) ….. if meetings go well, ask if your dog can have their new pup friend sleep over. See how a regular day and night will go with two dogs.

If your dog does well, and you want to start looking for a new family member, GREAT!

When you find one who you think will work, arrange to take your dog to meet the new dog. Meet in a neutral location if possible, somewhere like a park would work well.

One thing many people often overlook is that the new dog will need to adjust in the new home. Take a few days off of work. Make sure to treat each dog equally, don’t show favorites.

And remember that two dogs means double the cost … food, vet care, supplies. Don’t get in over your head without thinking things through.

Have a question about adding a new pet into your home? Ask away!

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