Does Your Dog Beg?


Does Your Dog Beg For Food?

Begging is a common issue with dogs, but it is important to stop the behavior … not necessarily because it’s going to be a problem but because it can lead to other behavior problems.

If you have a new dog and want to avoid begging in the future, simply do not feed them from the table or wherever you tend to eat.

If your dog already begs, the good news is that you can modify this behavior.

First things first, stop feeding from the table. This goes for everyone in the home, no one can feed from the table.

Depending on your dogs level of begging, you may want to start with an empty table and gradually work up to a table with food on it.

Dogs speak to each other with body language, so this is what we will emulate here. Do not push or force your dog to move, but simply use your body to block him from the table.

Combine this block with a “Back” cue and a hand signal of your choice. I like to use my hand to clearly make a back gesture.

Keep practicing this until your dog moves away on his own, he will recognize the body language and begin to understand that he is not allowed near the table.

Once your dog backs up, give him the “go to bed” or “stay” cue, depending on if he decides to go to his bed on his own, some dogs will do this.

Keep practicing. He will get it!

Have any questions about begging behavior? Let me know in the comments!

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