5 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Getting A New Puppy

5 Mistakes to Avoid With A New puppy

Hey y’all! Jessica here, your Furry family coach

So many people have been asking me questions lately about their new puppies – so in this video we are gonna talk about the 5 biggest mistakes to avoid when you get a new puppy

And stick around til the end because I’m gonna give you a bonus tip that just may say you from pulling all your hair out – seriously, you don’t wanna miss it

Hey y’all Jessica here and like I said, so many people have been asking questions lately about their new puppies.

So I thought I’d put together this list of the 5 biggest mistakes to avoid when getting a new puppy


Mistake #1

If you have kids, and so many pet parents do, you really need to practice safe pet handling with your kids. Don’t expect your children to just know how to handle and play with a dog (or cat for that matter). Take the time and show your kids how to be gentle, how to play appropriately and teach them patience and how to watch for body language cues in your dog. And never, ever, leave young children alone with a dog.


Mistake #2

As exciting as it is for you, Adopting a new dog or puppy is stressful to the dog. Give them some space at first, and be supportive. Provide love and praise and show them that their new home is a safe place for them.


Mistake #3

Do your best to adopt a new puppy when you have some time off from work. A new puppy needs LOTS of guidance, love and attention. Taking two weeks off would be best, but do the best you an take take off at least a few days and acclimate your new dog to their new home. You can’t bring home a new puppy one night and expect them to be perfectly adjusted by morning.


Mistake #4

Your new dog or puppy need to be exposed to new situations and experiences to be well adjusted. I like to use the 100 things in 100 days technique! Find a new experience every day (nothing crazy, or too far out of the comfort zone, but regular activities that will push your dog to become a social butterfly). For instance, you can take a trip to the vets office once a week and just have the staff love on your dog and give them a treat. This way when you have to go in for an appointment, they won’t be so scared.


Mistake #5

Hose training is serious business and your dog is not born with the knowledge that peeing inside is bad. Begin your potty schedule from day one. Puppies need lots of practice and lots of guidance. When they get it right, throw them a party! Give love and praise … and of course those wonderful treats!


Alright guys, so those are the 5 biggest mistakes I’m seeing most people make when getting a new dog or puppy … but I didn’t forget about that bonus tip I told you about

This one will really save you tons of anxiety and maybe even keep you from pulling gout your hair!

What is this wonderful tip, you ask?!


Yes, start right away. Provide lots of enrichment  for your dog – this will help keep your dog entertained and using their energy in a good way, and away from all those things you don’t want them to get into (like chewing shoes, digging through the trash, tearing up carpet……. )

Enrichment can be so many different things! Build a sand box in the back yard for those diggers — use treat toys for interactive play time, make a snuffle mat, go on long walks and let your dog smell all the smells! There are so many ideas out there, be creative!

Alright, so that’ll do it for this video. I hope this helped you with your puppy

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