The Top 3 Things To Teach Your New Puppy

Top 3 things to Teach a New Puppy
Getting a new puppy is such an exciting time! It gives you all the feels 😍🐕
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Most people I’ve helped with training a puppy have come in a desperate state about 6 months after getting their puppy.
Why? Because they got caught up in all the mushy wonderfulness of puppy love (where did you think this term came from, anyway?!) and completely neglected to teach their puppy any manners!
If I had to break down the top 3 most important things to teach your puppy right away … these are the 3 I would start with!
➡️ Potty Training – this is a big one! It may take some persistence up front, but a little effort in the beginning will pay off big time for years to come!
➡️Mouthing – Yes, puppies teeth and mouth everything. This is normal, and to help your puppy learn where the line is drawn between play and foul, we avoid playing rough with hands and feet and redirect to an appropriate chew toy when your pup does start to nip.
➡️Socialization – Yes, take your dog new places, provide lots of new experiences inside and outside of the home. Be mindful to ease your dog into every new situation, but all in all, you want a well rounded happy go lucky dog, so expose them to lots of new and wonderful things – including all types of people and other dogs, even cats!
Gosh, there are so many more to list but here are the top 3.
Do you have a new puppy? What are your plans for acclimating your new dog into your family?

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