How To Help A Shy Dog

shy dog

Do You Have A Shy Dog?

There are lots of reasons why dogs can become shy, most of them are unpleasant.

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It could be that they were improperly socialized as a puppy, or maybe they were relinquished to a shelter, or worse yet they could have been abused. it could even be genetic, but either way, you need to know how to spot their signals and how to help them by avoiding certain situations.

Identifying stress triggers in shy dogs:
✑ raised hackles
✑ panting or shaking
✑ fear of eye contact
✑ dilated or glassy eyes
✑ cowering
✑ flattened ears
✑ tail tucked
✑ cowering, sulking, pacing or hiding
✑ whining or barking
✑ submissive urination, etc.

What should you definitely, under no circumstances, never ever do:

DON’T leave her alone or tied up in a public area
DON’T take her knowingly into loud and unpredictable situations
DON’T force your dog out of their hiding spot if they are scared.
DON’T ask other people or strangers to approach your dog, let your dog approach first.
NEVER under any circumstances should you ever subject your dog to punishment or over-bearing training methods or trainers.

So, what should you do when you have a shy dog?

🌟 Create a safe space for your dog. Make her always feel loved, protect her from what she fears and don’t force her to face her fears …. don’t force anything on her!

🌟 Build a bond with your dog using games and fun activities, safe exercise and walking.

🌟 Use natural and homeopathic remedies when medical attention is needed. I personally love essential oils and I use them with my pets … BUT you do need to do your research and make sure you use oils that are safe for use around and on your pet.

Have a question about your shy dog? Or maybe about the essential oils I use? Ask below!

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