Problems with pet food | AAFCO August 2019 Meeting Recap

AAFCO August 2019 Meeting Recap

Kibble causing DCM | Vitamin D toxicity in kibble | What is meat meal? AAFCO August 2019 meeting recap

Takeaways from the AAFCO Meeting August 2019

There are lots of problems with pet food and this AAFCO meeting brought up a number of those points.

Bullet points from the video:

> If you feed any pet food that includes any type of pork meat or pork meal, call the manufacturer to ask the Country of Origin. China has outbreaks of African swine fever that could contaminate your pet food.

> There’s still lots of talk (and misinformation) regarding the current findings in the DCM issue

> Will there be more regulation following all of the Vitamin D excess in the premixes?

> Rx diets are not held to any standards different from regular pet foods. Rx diets have no medical trials. Dr. Judy Morgan said she could not have confidence in any product treated like a drug but not held to any requirements of a drug.

> Consumers don’t know what meat “meal” products contain

> Manufacturers are inflating their meat percentages by adding water to dry ingredients

Resources mentioned in the video:

Susan Thixton / Truth About Pet Food:…/

Dr. Judy Morgan’s Facebook live veideo recap:

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