Using Food Rewards To Train Your Dog

food to train
🌟Using Food To Train Your Dog 🐕
Yes, food (treats usually) is an excellent way to train dogs. We use a reward based system to shape a behavior or action and for most dogs food is the highest value reward we can use.
For some dogs, playing or a special toy may actually be the highest value reward to use . . . but for most, it will be food!
But I get a lot of questions about this.
Why do I have to use treats?
Will I always have to give a treat?
Why do I have to reward so much?
Well, it’s pretty simple really….. Dogs love food!
And that makes sense, right?! Because we need food to survive, so taking the biological need for food along with some really great tasting food makes for a food motivated pup!
Think of it this way: If you are trying to motivate yourself to do something, let’s say write that paper for English Lit, and you really don’t want to do it but you decide that once you get it done you will reward yourself with an ice cream cone … That’ll make you want to get it done, right?!
Well, it’s kinda the same thing. Except we are using treats as a reward for your dog exhibiting the action or behavior you want.
The biggest difference here is that we lure them with a treat because we can’t speak to them verbally and them understand that if they do “X” then they will get “Y”.
Now, as your dog becomes proficient with a certain action or behavior, you can begin intermittently rewarding with treats and substituting other rewards, such as a favorite toy, a massage, playing or some excited praise like “Good Girl / Boy” with a gentle pet.
So, yes, initially you will need to reward with food every time … but you can gradually reduce the food rewards and substitute with other valuable items to your dog.
What are some funny rewards that your dog likes that other dogs might find odd? Let me know in the comments!

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