Potty Train Your Dog

Potty Training


Potty training can be time consuming, but it doesn't have to be difficult!

First things first, always be on the look out. Puppies need to go often. Always take them out when they eat, right when they wake up, just before going to sleep....

But in the mean time you still want to take them out at least every half hour. When they go potty, make a huge party about it! Be happy, get excited, give treats! Really enforce that going potty outside is what you want of them.

Think every half hour is too much? Think again! You want to make sure that you never miss an opportunity to teach that potty outside is good. If they go inside, you miss the opportunity.

Speaking of accidents ... here's how to handle those.

If you catch them in the act, don't yell! Calmly pick them up and take them outside to finish. If they do finish outside, throw a party and give them treats.

If you don't catch them, meaning you only find the evidence, just clean it up and continue with regular training ... though you may want to go out even more often.

It DOES NOT help the situation to get mad or scold your pup. They won't connect the two. In fact, the only possible outcome would be that your scolding will make your dog think that you don't like their elimination ... which will only make them better at hiding it from you. No bueno!

If you are still training and you have to leave your dog home alone, leave them in an enclosed area such as a kitchen so they won't be able to mess up your carpet when they have an accident.

Got questions? Ask away!

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