Using A Long Line To Train A Recall

long line
I was speaking with a group member the other day about her dog’s recall … she didn’t come when called, especially when in the back yard.
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Training a reliable recall is essential for every dog, but it does take time and patience.
I think we can all agree that it’s time well spent, once you have a dog who comes to you without question, without hesitation, every time … you’ll really appreciate the effort.
Not to mention, when your dog needs to come back to you to be removed from danger you definitely don’t want a “maybe” reaction … you want a Yes Ma’am (or Sir!) from your dog.
Once you are confident enough in your dog’s recall inside the house, and you are ready to move into your yard for training … your best friend will be your LONG LINE.
This is exactly what you think it is … a long line … much longer than your regular leash but it looks and works similarly.
You can get them in 30 ft., 50 ft., etc and they are worth their weight in gold.
Here is the one I have, and it’s super inexpensive >>>
Using a long line will give your dog the illusion of freedom (not on a 4 ft line) but will give you the confidence that they can’t get too far from you. And you’ll use it to restrict your dog once you’ve told them to come to you so that they look back in your direction and make their way back to you once you’ve restricted their line.
It helps to reinforce checking in with you.
And don’t forget the rewards! Always reward a dog when they come to you, especially when called. When training, it’s the #1 way to get your dog to CHOOSE to come to you.
Do you already use a long line? Let me know and send some pics as well! We always love to see those cute doggie photos!!

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