My Dog’s Highest Value Dog Treat

chicken hearts

🌟My dog’s all time favorite, hands-down she will take these over anything else, highest value treat is ….. CHICKEN HEARTS! 🌟

I get them freeze dried from Vital Essentials ( )

But I thought … HEY! Why not make them at home?!

So I did … I tried them plain and I tried them with a sweet and savory marinade.

She loved them both!

How did I do it? I simply dehydrated them! It takes varying times depending on how large the hearts are and the temperature and humidity where you live.

But I was happy to find an alternative to soy sauce for the savory component … since we know that soy sauce has wayyyyyy too much sodium for our dogs.

So I mixed one part honey with one part coconut aminos ( )and marinated the chicken hearts for a couple of hours before dehydrating them!

I made a video to show you how to do it in your home too >>

What’s your dog’s favorite DIY treat?!

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