Dog Training Tip: Treat Value

training tip tuesday

💥 Training Tip Tuesday 💥

Today’s tip >>> When training your dog, you want to use bite sized treats that have value.

What does that mean? Value in this case means that your dog places a value on the food or treat you’re giving, it is worth it to them to learn what you’re asking them to do because they place a high value on the reward you’re offering.

So, when you are training something more difficult for your dog, maybe something they haven’t quite been able to get the hang of yet or something a bit more difficult such as an advanced trick or a leave it, offer them a VERY HIGH VALUE treat … even better than what’s in your normal tool box.

This will be different for every dog, for some it will be a special kind of cheese, maybe even a special cut of steak or a freeze dried mussel or clam. Still break it or cut it into small bite sized pieces.

And remember that the training treats you offer should count as part of their daily caloric intake, so adjust meals accordingly!

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