Treat the Good Behavior

Thoughtful Thursday


…even when you haven’t asked for it!

🌟 Good behavior should be rewarded, even if you’re not actively in a training session.

The absolute BEST way to mold the behavior you want in your dog is to reward it!

So, yes, when you train and your dog does what is asked, you treat.

🌟 But we also treat randomly when good behaviors are shown outside of training.

You want your dog to know that you appreciate the good behaviors, even if it’s just sitting there quietly while you catch up on work or sitting in bed while you and your family eat dinner.

The more positive associations your dog has with activities and behaviors you want them to exhibit, the better they will become at behaving the way you want without having to be told to do so.

So, make sure to reward your dog the next time they are just sitting there being good!

Oh, and reward doesn’t always mean food! When starting out, using food is most common because dogs tend to have a high food drive, but as you notice your dog getting it more and more, you can randomly substitute praise as a reward!

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