Are You Expecting Too Much From Your Dog?

expect too much
🌟Are You Expecting Too Much From Your Dog 🐕?
Dogs and puppies are moved around, adopted, surrendered, abandoned, etc. without any choice in the matter.
Puppies especially have a large learning hurdle because they are learning everything new for the first time in our world.
Put yourself in their place. You’ve been moved into a new home, with new people, and you are overwhelmed with all of your new surroundings and people wanting to hug you and pet you and to top it all off, they expect you do do things you may have never done before.
You don’t speak the same language, and although you are trying your best to understand and do what is asked of you, they yell and physically move you around.
How can we expect so much from our dogs?
It’s not fair.
And we need to make a change.
Empathy allows us to behave in a more suitable manner and adjust not only our expectations but also how we interact and communicate with one another – this includes our dogs.
Learning how to “speak” to our dogs in a way they understand, and in turn learning to recognize how they speak to us is the key in all of this.
That’s my job. To teach you how to communicate with your dog. It’s why I became a dog trainer. Helping dogs by helping their care givers is the best way to not only keep dogs in their homes, but to make the homes they live in a better place for them to live.
Have a question about how to train your dog? Or maybe just in communication?
Let me know!

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  1. My 7 month old Golden Retriever tried to eat the wiper blades, how do we help him. He also wants to eat the cars driving by us

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