Pack Theory Debunked

Dogs vs. Wolves

🐕 🐺 Pack Theory Debunked 🐺 🐕

For many years the field of dog training was based around a flawed scientific study. This is where pack theory, or dominance theory came from.

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Researchers studied wolves in a zoo. These wolves came from different locations and did not know each other. They were kidnapped and placed into a cell together.

Their interactions spawned the research and subsequent dominance theory that dog trainers then ran with.

Why is it important to know this?

Because it’s exactly how we know why we were so wrong for so long.

We know know that wolves in the wild live as family units. A “Pack” consists of a mother, father and their offspring.

So, when you bring a dog into your family, you really are growing your actual family! Dog fit in similar to adding another sibling to your tribe

But! It’s also important to note that dogs are a thousand years removed from their wolf ancestors …. so we can’t expect them to act exactly the same as their wolf counterparts.

What does this mean for all of us with dogs in our home?

It means that we need to lead, but not with dominance. Instead we lead with care and compassion. Teaching and modeling behaviors through positive interactions and reinforcement.

If you want a happy, well adjusted dog, you need to train and behave in a happy well-adjusted manner.

You get out what you put in, so be kind, be patient and be consistent. Train with kindness and you will have a kind dog.

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