Kimberly’s Embark DNA Results Are In!


I have been wanting to do an Embark DNA test for Kim for quite some time, and this past Christmas, my husband gifted a test to me. YAY!

We swabbed Kim’s mouth, sent off the sample, and finally got the results! While we were waiting for the results, I got multiple emails letting me know what the process was and what was going on. It was both fun and educational.

Kimberly is comprised of:

35.0% Chihuahua

21.6% Poodle (Small)

15.0% Miniature Pinscher

7.1% Cocker Spaniel

6.7% Pekingese

3.6% Pomeranian

3.0% Dachshund

8.0% Supermutt

Personally, I don’t see most of these, but I guess when you mix so many breeds, you wind up with a furry ball of cuteness <3

More importantly, we were also notified that Kim has a genetic predisposition for IVDD (Intervertibral Disc Disease). This does not mean she will get it, but it does let us know that she is predispositioned to it.

In my opinion, getting the health results are more than worth it … but the breed results are super fun!

Have you had a DNA test done for your dog? Let me know about the results!

If you are interested in Embark, it’s super easy to buy a test right on Amazon:

until next time… Wags & Woofs,

Jessica & Kimberly


Watch the video here:

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