How To Get Your Dog To Stop Digging Up Your Flower Bed

How To Get Your Dog To Stop Digging Up Your Flower Bed

Hey y’all Jessica here, your furry family coach

Let’s talk about digging. Dogs dig. My dog digs -she looks like a fru fru little princess dog, but she still digs. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes!

For dogs, digging is an innate behavior, meaning no one had to teach them how to do it, they just know.

So in this video we’re gonna talk about how we can help our dogs while saving your yard!

Yes, it’s messy.

Yes, we wish they just wouldn’t do it.

But you know what? It’s one of the most natural things a dog can do.

So, if you just need to get your dog to stop tearing up your flower bed then I’ve got some tips to help you help your dog.

First, we need to understand why dogs dig. We know it’s a natural, unlearned behavior, so why?

Well, sometimes it’s to dig a spot to stay cool. Sometimes it’s in response to the smells or sounds of prey animals. And sometimes they dig to bury food.

Your first line of defense is to protect your plants. Put up barricades, bury chicken wire to protect the roots or even use decorative rocks to keep your little digger from completely destroying your plants.

Another great way to protect your plants is to provide an alternative for your dog. I like to use these two tips together! Provide a sectioned off plot of dirt – or even build them their own little sand box! – and use positive training with rewards to teach your dog that this spot is OK for digging.

Your dog naturally digs, so trying to just get them to stop without providing an alternative is pretty futile.

Work WITH your dog, not against their natural instincts. You’ll find that you both win in the end.

I hope this video has helped you. Please give it a big thumbs up!

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