How To Get Your Dog To Stop Jumping


How To Teach Your Dog Not to Jump!

Dogs get excited when you come home and when guests come over! It’s natural and this kind of bond is one of the reasons we love our furry pals so much

But, it can be dangerous and embarrassing sometimes, so we need to teach our canine companions that jumping is not the appropriate response to that energy!

So, how do we do that?

First, we have to remain consistent. That means, you and everyone in your family has to do the same things … and jumping will not be allowed on you, anyone in your household, or any guests.

Allowing your dog to jump on you but not on anyone else is confusing to your dog … and we want our pups to succeed, right?! So we can’t confuse them!

The primary response to your dog jumping up on you (or anyone else) is going to be to ignore them. Don’t look them in the eyes, don’t say hello, don’t say no, don’t touch them. Turn your back and ignore them. Go on about what you’re doing and once they’ve calmed down, then you can greet them. This goes for everyone entering your home.

In addition to ignoring the crazy in your dog 😜 you’ll also want to give them something else to do, other than jump. For example, start teaching your dog to sit when guests come to the door. They can’t sit and jump at the same time.

Train a solid sit, which is pretty easy for most dogs, and reinforce it like crazy near the door. Have treats on hand, special treats, that reside by the door so they are always there.

Instead of a sit, you could also train to go to a mat and lie down. Either way, they can’t do both actions at once!

Remember to practice with guests and without guests. You can even have a friend or relative come over just to practice with your pup!

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