Cat Play – The Right Toys

Cat Play

Playing with your cat is essential to a happy, healthy feline and a household that peacefully co-exists. But playing with your furry feline friend shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun . . . for the both of you!

how to play with your cat

Play time with your cat should mimic hunting in the wild and you may be surprised to find that many people do it wrong. Yes, you read that correct, you may be playing with you cat in the wrong way.

Fortunately for you and your cat, that can all be rectified immediately! All it takes is some knowledge and some want, and since you’re here I’m already sure you have the desire and I’m going to give you the knowledge right now . . .

Play with your cat is essential to keeping your cats body in shape, but did you know that the mental stimulation is just as important?

Well, it is very important and that’s why it’s essential that you play with your cat in a way that mimics her hunting in the wild! 

The correct toys are in order, as well as the correct technique. First, lets talk about the right toys. One of our favorite toys is the Cat Dancer.

We love this toy because it is simple and elegant.

The wire from the handle to the toy is long, keeping your hands away from the target area your cat will be pouncing upon … and the wire also provides a more life like movement from the “prey.”

It’s simple and your cat will love it! (Bonus: It’s made in America!)

Another simple yet very effective cat toy is Da Bird. We love this one for many of the same reasons we love the Cat Dancer, but Da Bird has an added bonus of having interchangeable prey targets!

Da Bird has a long pole extension which keeps your hands and fingers well out of reach when your cat attacks her prey.

The interchangeable toy heads keep the fun going with different prey targets, each with a different movement and different sounds.

Keeping your cat entertained and honed in to her prey target is key … and letting her catch her prey a few times every play session will allow her to enjoy the excitement of the hunt as well as release with her victory in catching her prey.

Keep the toys movements similar to that of her real wild life prey, whether it be a bird flying above and landing on a low branch, or a mouse scurrying around the baseboards and ducking under the couch, peeking out here and there to see if the way is clear.

Engaging her hunting skills will be most beneficial to you and to her.

Once your play session is complete (recommended at least twice a day for around 15 minutes at a time) be sure to give her a treat, or her meal, so she can complete her routine of hunt, attack, eat, clean, sleep.

Keeping this routine in place will allow her wild roots to be satisfied and will help keep your kitty healthy, happy and on her best behavior.

How do you keep your your cat entertained and confident?

If you know someone who can benefit from this, please share to make sure all the cats are happy and healthy!

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