What Do You Feed Your Dog (And Why a Trainer Cares)



One thing most people put on auto pilot is their dog’s food…. and it is so important that we STOP doing this!

The #1 thing we all can do to have a happy, healthy dog is to feed them a biologically appropriate species specific diet.

To be your best physically and mentally, we have to feed the body. This is true for all living beings. And you know what?!

What we feed our dogs is so much easier to understand because we are both mammals!

First question I get … So, what do I feed my dog?

Answer: A biologically appropriate, species-specific diet … a balance raw food diet (or lightly cooked if immune compromised or elderly).

What?! Raw food?! YES 💯

But I know there is resistance ….. so let’s start with the basics.

I made this video to go over the pros and cons of kibble

You can watch it here >> http://bit.ly/2rYCmrB

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