Foodie Friday: What’s In Your Dog’s Kibble?

🐶💜 Last Foodie Friday we started simple, with a video about the pros and cons of kibble.
This Foodie Friday we are going to step it up a notch. 🙌🏻
What exactly IS in the kibble you feed your pet?
Now, I start of this video asking a few very crazy questions … but you’ll see my point once you watch further.
Watch the video here >>
Why does a dog trainer care what we feed our dog?
Well, it’s actually very important for a number of reasons.
▶️ First, I care very much about all animals and when I know something that can make their lives better, I will shout it from the roof top.
▶️ Also, proper nutrition makes your dog healthy. A healthy dog is in much better condition to learn.
▶️ Nutrition also plays an important role in cognitive function, as well as other bodily functions such as sight. It’s pretty difficult to learn when you feel bad and can’t concentrate.
So, yes, I care very much about nutrition for our pets and it’s my responsibility to give you all the tools necessary to raise your dog the best you can!
Have a question about feeding your pet? Let me know in the comments!

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