Teach Your Dog To Sit

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🐕 SIT 🐕

Teaching your dog to SIT is typically one of the easiest things to get your dog to do!

Start with a yummy treat.

Hold it at your dogs nose for a second to let them sniff it and decide they want it.

Move the treat straight up above your dogs nose a few inches, this will cause your dog to naturally cause his head to raise up while also pushing his bottom down onto the ground.

As soon as his butt hits the ground, say SIT and give the treat.

Use lots of love and praise as well! Training is always better if you are in a good mood, happy and always using a happy voice!

And repeat until your dog has associated putting his butt on the ground with the word SIT.

Training a single action or behavior should never be a daunting task. You’ll get bored. Your dog will get bored. Bored dogs, like humans, can’t learn.

Keep training sessions short and always end on a good note.

If you’ve gotten to a step your dog just hasn’t gotten the hang of, go back a step and make sure your dog ends with something they can do and give lots of love and praise

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