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pet parent coach dg trainer

What is a Pet Parent Coach?

As a Pet Parent Coach, I not only help dog parents with force free positive reinforcement training, but I also help with nutrition and enrichment. Most pets in the United States are very poorly fed, and as pet parents we don’t even know it!

This is mainly due to marketing tactics by large pet food manufacturers over decades.

As a dog trainer, one of the most important things you can do with and for your dog is to provide them enrichment. The greater enrichment a dog has available to them, the less likely they are to get into “trouble”.

Who Is Jessica L. Fisher?

As a pet enthusiast, Jessica Fisher has a passion for helping people understand their pets and provide them with the best of care. Fisher is a certified animal psychologist and is certificated in animal nutrition.
Jessica has always been an animal lover. Since before she could walk, there are pictures of her cuddling with her cats.

pet parent coach dog trainer

As a professional cat and dog behaviorist,  and successful Pet Parent Coach and Force Free dog trainer, Jessica currently owns 7 cats and 2 dogs. After the tragic loss of her cat (Sam) and dog (Claire), to cancer, Fisher reinforced her passion to helping people understand how they can provide their pets with a healthy environment and optimal nutrition.

She is a staunch believer in the fact that pets should always be considered as part of the family rather than being treated as furry and cuddly possessions to play with.

Why Can She Help Your Pet?

With her knowledge and continuously growing experience and dedication to helping pet owners provide their furry friends with a joyous lifestyle, she wants to enable people to provide an adequate environment for their cats and dogs as well to provide them all the necessary guideline on becoming caring pet owners.

Jessica Fisher graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science back in 2012 focusing in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. She is adamant about learning more about cats and dogs to provide her customers with accurate information pertaining to each and every facet of responsibly owning a pet.

Jessica Fisher Education:

Studied Animal Psychology as part of her Bachelors degree in Psychology at Old Dominion University, 2012

Certified Veterinary Support Assistant at Holly and Hugo, 2015

Certified in Animal Psychology at Holly and Hugo, 2016

Certified in Pet Nutrition at Holly and Hugo, 2016

Certified in Pet Sitting at Holly and Hugo, 2016

Certified in Animal Behavior at Holly and Hugo, 2016

Certified in Pet Training at Holly and Hugo, 2016

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