Walking A Reactive Dog



Often times when we try to walk a reactive dog, we get discouraged too quickly and give up.

I know many people who walk their dogs at certain times, late after the sun goes down, super early in the morning, when they know they will be the only ones out walking their dogs.

They fear the reaction from their dog … well, more likely the feeling that others are judging them for the way their dog behaves.

Keeping your reactive dog calm and relieving them of the stressors that cause their behavior is a must, but you still need to get out and walk your dog.

Enrichment exercises in the home are great ideas, but we also need to let our dog know that they can enjoy the outside world as well.

Find a calm area to take your dog for a walk, even if you have to drive there. An article I read by Victoria Stillwell suggests taking your dog to a large cemetery. You will have plenty of room and it will be quiet for you and your dog.

But don’t just go to walk, take enrichment with you. Treats, especially real meat, are a great idea!

Toss the treats in the grass and let your dog sniff them out. This isn’t a walk for training, this is a walk for fun! Encourage your dog to sniff everything.

Bring toys to play tug or fetch (if you bring a long line).

This type of enrichment really wears out your pup! (In a god way) …So you don’t necessarily have to make these outings long. 10-30 minutes is often plenty every day.

This along with positive methods training will help your dog with their over stimulation reactivity.

Where do you like to take your dog to walk?

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