Preparing For Emergencies

Preparingfor Emergencies


It’s something we don’t really even want to think about … those things that can happen and we all pray won’t happen to us!

🌬 Hurricanes
🔥Wild fires

The list could go on and on ….

So, what should you do to be prepared when it comes to your pets?

➡️Have an action plan in place. Know where you can go, have multiple options planned out. Have lists of pet friendly hotels along your planned routes and emergency veterinary offices addressed and phone numbers also along your routes.

➡️ Always have carriers or other travel needs in an easy to get to location … they won’t be doing you any good in the back of your shed or at a storage unit!

➡️ Keep your pets records and medications together in an area where you can just grab them and go!

➡️ Always have extra food and water on hand, and rotate them regularly so it’s always fresh. You’ll need to take plenty of food and water for you and your pets (minimum of 3 days is recommended).

➡️ If the specific type of emergency is routing you to a shelter, make sure you know which shelters allow pets in advance. Keep your local AM radio station for emergencies on pre-set.

➡️ Try to remain as calm as possible. the more frantic you are, the more frantic your pet will become. Do both of you a favor, and breathe!

➡️ Keep a pet first aid kit with your pets records so you can grab it on the way out too!

I hope no one ever has to need their go-to emergency supplies, but if you do you’ll be glad you had them prepared.

Do you have any tips to add to the list? Let me know!

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