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New Zealand Natural Pet Food

I have never really reviewed pet food before and I almost turned this one down, but I decided to look over the labels first and for freeze-dried food they look pretty good, so the video goes live today.

There are no meat meals, no by-products, only natural foods, and some pretty good superfood additions as well.

You may know that my cats still eat wet food as well as freeze-dried raw. It has been a struggle with them over the last 5+ years but this is where we are and to be honest, I’m happy with it. Would I like them to eat a fully raw diet? Absolutely! I’ll keep offering small amounts of raw to them, but they are eating healthier today than they ever have in their lives and I need to be proud of where we are now.

I rotate the brands of food I feed my pets, as well as the proteins. All of my cats LOVED the lamb green tripe treats and 3 of them enjoyed the freeze-dried meal. No one wanted it rehydrated, but I’m not surprised, they don’t want any freeze-dried rehydrated.

Kim loved it all, the beef meal and the lamb green tripe treats.

I currently feed my cats freeze-dried from Vital Essentials and Northwest Naturals ( I learned about NWN from Kimberly at Keep The Tail Wagging 🥰 ) and I will be trying other proteins from the New Zealand Naturals product line and continuing to purchase the treats!

If you’d like to try them out as well, NZN is currently available in the U.S. through Amazon and Chewy:

New Zealand Naturals Pet Food on Amazon:

New Zealand Naturals Pet Food on Chewy:

If you’d like to check out today’s video, here is the link:

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