Is Your Dog Bored?



Bored dogs are much more likely to exhibit undesirable behaviors, so learn to identify if your dog is bored ... and how to fix it!

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So, how do you begin to identify if your dog is bored?

Is your dog .....
➡️ attention seeking (excessively)?
➡️ digging up your backyard?
➡️ chewing holes in the carpet?
➡️ gnawing on furniture?
➡️ playing keep away with your things?
➡️ chasing their tail or biting at your ankles?

These are some of the behaviors we expect to see when a dog is bored. you get the idea....

So, what do you do about it?!

⭐️EXERCISE is one of the absolute best ways to keep your dog from being bored.

⭐️Go for walks, play tug, chase after the frisbee, whatever your dog likes best.

⭐️Arrange puppy play dates (if you dog likes that sorta thing!)

⭐️Nose work is a great way to keep your dog entertained if you aren't able to get outside for exercise.
Scatter their food instead of putting it in a bowl.
Find or make treat toys that allow your dog to sniff out treats instead of hand feeding them.
There are all kinds of ideas when it comes to letting your dog use their nose to keep them busy!

Dogs NEED physical and mental exercise. It isn't a suggestion, it is a biological need.

Make fun games, interact with your pup and use this time to bond.

Have a question about your pup? Let me know in the comments!


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