Harnesses versus Collars


with a leash …. collars are for ID tags and accessorizing

I tell every single client to 🛑 STOP attaching the leash to the collar and instead use a harness for walks and for training.


– Harnesses offer better control, which is especially important in crowded areas or when you are training

– They are good for training to walk on a lead, especially with puppies, as they help keep the lead tangle free

– Small dogs can be easily injured by a collar. The neck has many sensitive areas, such as the trachea and vocal cords which can all become damaged from pulling on a collar

– For large dogs, the harness gives better control as well as helps ease the strain on your arms and hands.

– Harnesses also discourage pulling because when they pull against a harness they are redirected, not moving forward as they wanted to, thus discouraging the behavior.

– A harness is also great for our little Houdini’s who can somehow always escape a collar. Here one minute and gone the next, NO more!

There are lots of different harnesses to choose from, and although I tend to prefer a mesh harness for my smaller dog, you may need something a bit different for your dog.

Want some input on what’s the best harness for you and your dog? Ask away!

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