Giving Your Dog People Food

Giving Your Dog People Food

Alright, I have to address the elephant in the room – - a huge cultural misconception!

Giving Your Dog People Food

When was the last time you heard someone say ​“Don’t feed your dog people food”

​Or maybe you’re one of those people …

​Either way, let’s talk about feeding your dog “people” food.

​It's a misconception that you “can’t feed your dog people food”.

​I have to tell you a secret … when I hear someone say this I want to start screaming!

​What do you think dogs are supposed to eat?!

​Some mysterious food only found on a distant planet?

​NO!!! Food on this planet is just that … FOOD!

​Dogs don’t hunt for kibble in the wild! Our perception of food is so warped, and we’ve pushed our warped misconceptions about food onto our pets.

​And it’s your dog that is suffering. That’s why I’m here to tell you to WAKE UP! Your dog needs REAL food. Real meat. Real vegetables. Real food. Not processed by products and diseased carcases … yes, this is what’s in the kibble you buy …

​So, the next time you hear someone say “Don’t give people food to that dog!” take the opportunity to educate them.

​Just as a side note, we need real food too. And understand that the processed junk we put in our bodies is not the kind of foods that we can feed our pets either. Instead think whole foods, raw foods, REAL foods.

​It’s possible this is why we started saying that dogs shouldn’t eat people food … because what we tend to eat isn’t actually real food either.

​So, what should you take away from this video? That both you and your dog need REAL, whole, raw foods … just as nature intended.


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