Can Dogs and Cats Get Along?

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🐕 Dogs & Cats 🐈 CAN absolutely get along … and even be good friends!

To introduce a new dog and cat to one another, there are a few simple rules to follow.

First, know this is easiest if two people are available for the interaction. One person can do it, but two makes it much easier.

Before bringing the dog in the house, or before letting the dog out of the crate, make sure the cat is safely behind a closed door.

Have the dog on a short leash and one person holding tight to the leash, while everyone acts completely nonchalant!

Act normal with the dog, give love and affection. Don’t play because you don’t want to get the dog riled up! You may even want to try to relax on the couch together.

Once everyone is calm, the other person can go open the door to the room where the cat is.

Take it slow. Don’t push the cat … and don’t push the dog.

Most important is to make sure everyone remains calm! Dogs (and cats) react MORE to your emotion than your behavior.
If you act like it’s no big deal, they can take that cue from you!

Let the cat slowly explore, they may be interested in the dog, they may not.

This will let you know how much the dog is interested in the cat!

If your dog is well behaved and calm, taking the calm cues from you then treat them

Same for your cat, if they are calm and not pushy with the dog, give them a treat!

If your dog perks up, redirect his attention and get him to calm down. Then treat when calm.

If your dog simply will not calm down, that’s ok, that’s why he is on a leash. You will need to evaluate the situation at every step.

If someone gets too uncomfortable, go back to separate rooms and try again in a few hours, or even the next day.

The cat and dog may instantly be friends, or it may take a while to calmly interact with one another. Your emotions will have a lot to do with how long this process takes.

🌟PRO TIP🌟 Take your dog for a nice walk or run, maybe play for a good while to wear him out before you settle down to begin an introduction!

If you need more tips or advice on integrating a dog and cat home, ask away!

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