5 Reasons To Start Journaling


I’ve recently started posting more personal content here on Patreon, and my HSF (Home Sweet Farmhouse) video for today is about starting to journal.

I’ve been feeling drawn to journaling lately and recently decided to just go for it. I’ll never have time if I don’t make time!

Here is the link to this week’s video: https://youtu.be/P9Y6GKPaa2Q

Reason #1: Journaling helps you connect with your goals.

One thing I’ve been terrible about is setting goals. Originally it was because I was afraid that if I set a goal and didn’t reach it that I’d feel defeated. Now I know that goals can change, and they should, as we change. But I still hadn’t been setting too many goals because I’m just so busy.

The truth is that I don’t take time for myself.

I recently saw a post that explained this so perfectly. It was about all the things we feel when we don’t set clear boundaries for ourselves and others. I realize now that I let people walk all over me because I can’t say no and I always put others first. All of this has to stop. I can’t let myself feel bad for taking care of myself and learning to say no is something I have to start doing for my mental and physical health.

Reason #2: Journaling improves mental clarity and focus

It has become increasingly difficult to unplug. There is a constant stream of content and no shortage of media and social platforms to find more. One of the biggest problems with this is that our brains are always receiving information and never have time to process it.

When we take time to remove the input, our brain has time to rest and to process .. and to, get this, think for yourself! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused when we don’t give our brains the time to process and rest that it needs.

Reason #3: Journaling can improve your insight and understanding

Along the same lines of the last reason, when we take the time to create versus consume, we start to understand ourselves better.

As I’ve gotten older I realize more than ever that I haven’t had a good idea of who I am for most of my life. I’m taking this time to figure it out and grow as a person.

Reason #4: Journaling is a good way to track your development

Keeping journals gives you a very clear way to be able to reflect and see how far you’ve come, and how much you’ve grown! It will be quite interesting to go back and read old journals and see just how much I’ve changed… and learned!

Reason #5: Journaling facilitates personal growth

Journaling is not only great for being able to track your growth, but because we are creating and giving ourselves room to learn more about ourselves, journaling also is a great facilitator of personal growth. If we take the time to reach inside and really pull out our own thoughts instead of regurgitating what has been told to us, we can really become the person we were meant to be.

I know that I want to really dig deep and find more strength and motivation to become a better contributor, to really make a change in the world. Taking the time to write down my thoughts and feelings is just one step in the right direction.

Do you journal? Are there other self-care activities that you do to connect with yourself and focus? I’d love to hear more about what helps you!

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