are you expect too much from your dog

Are You Expecting Too Much From Your Dog?

🌟Are You Expecting Too Much From Your Dog 🐕?   Dogs and puppies are moved around, adopted, surrendered, abandoned, etc. without any choice in the matter. Puppies especially have a large learning hurdle because they are learning everything new for the first time in our world.   Put yourself in their place. You’ve been moved […]

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signs of separation anxiety in dogs

Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation Anxiety in dogs can sometimes be tricky for the everyday pet parent to diagnose. It isn’t just one thing, one action, one behavior, that your dog will exhibit and let you know without a doubt that they are suffering from separation anxiety.   So, how would you begin to identify if your dog does […]

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Does Your Dog Beg?

Does Your Dog Beg For Food? Begging is a common issue with dogs, but it is important to stop the behavior … not necessarily because it’s going to be a problem but because it can lead to other behavior problems. If you have a new dog and want to avoid begging in the future, simply […]

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Should I Discipline My Dog?

One thing I hear so often is that people use different forms of discipline with their dogs … and as a positive dog trainer, I cringe on the inside and offer alternatives to their punishment that when deployed work so much better at changing their dog’s behavior.So, if you don’t discipline, then what do you […]

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How To Help A Shy Dog

Do You Have A Shy Dog? There are lots of reasons why dogs can become shy, most of them are unpleasant. Download How To Spot & Avoid Stress Triggers In Your Dog >>> It could be that they were improperly socialized as a puppy, or maybe they were relinquished to a shelter, or worse […]

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Is Your Dog Bored?

‼️ IS YOUR DOG BORED?!?! ‼️Bored dogs are much more likely to exhibit undesirable behaviors, so learn to identify if your dog is bored … and how to fix it!Get your copy of Top 10 Stress Triggers in Dogs & How To Avoid Them here >>, how do you begin to identify if your […]

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