Can You Keep A Dog Outside?

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 Can My Dog Stay Outside?

This is unfortunately a controversial topic in America and the world probably. We still have some people in America who thinks that it is okay to leave their dogs outside all the time or even chained up outside. There are some areas of the country fortunately who have tether laws where you can’t leave your dog tied up outside unattended and that’s great.

can I leave my dog outside

    There are certain circumstances where people seem to think that it is okay to leave their dogs outside for an extended period of time and unfortunately the right circumstances for something like this to be okay rarely rever happen.

    For your dog to be outside they of course need access to clean water, food, shelter, and they need to be able to get out of the cold if it’s too cold. They need to be able to get out of the sun if it is too hot. Now there are some people who may have the perfect set up for this and that’s great.

    I never recommended having a dog outside unattended for any length of time. Dogs love to go outside for the most part. There may be some dogs out there who don’t particularly care for it, but in general dogs love to go outside. They’re like a 3 year old. It’s so exciting. It’s so fun. They just want to go outside and play and have fun and probably that 3 year old who’s looking back at their mom going, no, no get away. That is how we see a lot of dogs.

    They just want to go out and have fun and play. Unfortunately there are just too many risks that you really don’t want to take with your dog that you do take with your dog if you leave them outside unattended. That could be from heat exposure or cold exposure.

    If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your dog to be out for any length of time. Unfortunately there are still a lot of places and there are still a lot of people that do leave their dogs outside when it is too hot and too cold. The very least we can do for these dogs is contact the authorities in the area where that dog is residing and hopefully we can get those dogs removed from the situations.

    Every dog should always have free access to clean water. It should always be able to have shelter to get out of the cold if necessary, to get out of heat if necessary. Other risks that you take with leaving your dog outside especially unattended is that your dog could be stolen. Your dog could eat something that it shouldn’t, especially if your dog gets out of your yard.

    Maybe you know that your yard is safe, you don’t have any poisonous plants in your yard, you don’t have any chemicals put down in your yard. That’s great. If you have a dog that goes outside you shouldn’t. You shouldn’t be putting chemicals in your yard. If your dog gets out of your yard, you don’t have any control over what plants are in neighbors yards, what chemicals they may use especially pest control type chemicals.

    You definitely don’t want them eating something that could potentially be poisonous to them. There are also wildlife dangers. Snakes are one. Coyotes, foxes, depending on where you live, there are all kinds of wildlife dangers and they could be out there for your dogs. Overall the idea is that it is not safe to ever leave your dog outside unattended especially do not have your dog outside for any length of time if they do not have access to clean water and shelter.

    Yes, it’s kind of a controversial topic unfortunately but that’s the long and the short of it. Don’t leave your dog outside unattended. It is just too dangerous. There are too many things that could be going on and if you ever have any questions about what could be in your area definitely do a quick Google search for the region that you live in. What poisonous plants there could be in your area. Make sure they’re not planting those in your yard. If you do have pest control services ask them if they have organic. That’s what we use. We use an organic service so I know there are no chemicals in our yards. If your pest control company doesn’t provide that, seek one out. They are out there.

    Again, dogs love to be outside and as long as you are outside with them that is perfectly okay. Let them go. Let them play. Take them for long walks. Take them to the park. The best thing you can do for your dog everyday is to make sure they get plenty of exercise and if you’re exercising with them that’s all the better. That is what I came on Facebook Live to talk to you guys about today is dogs being outside.

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