3 Simple Steps to Stop Puppy Biting

Got A Puppy (or Dog) That Bites?

You're not alone! Puppy biting is one of the most common complaints for new pet parents. And there's a simple solution...

I’m gonna share with you the 3 simple steps to stop your puppy from biting.

3 Simple Steps to Stop Puppy Biting

Step #1

When your puppy bites, gently but quickly pull away and say “Ouch!” (even if it doesn’t hurt)

This mimics how their siblings would react to the biting during play.

​Did you know that the optimum time a puppy should remain with it's mother and siblings is 10-12 weeks? Yes, this allows each puppy to properly learn how to play appropriately, learn how to read dog body language and learn crucial social skills.

​It's most common in the U.S. for puppies to be removed at 8 weeks, which isn't too far off ... but those 2-4 extra weeks could be crucial for some dogs.

​Puppies taken away any earlier than 8 weeks of age are at a serious disadvantage both socially and physically. This is also one of the main reasons why puppies are biting too much and / or to roughly when they are brought home.

Step #2

Stop play and ignore your puppy for a minute. Walk away if you have to.

Step #3

Re-engage in play but provide a toy your pup can chew and bite, making sure not to offer your hand as a play toy.

​Redirecting to appropriate play/action/behavior is ​a fundamental part of positive training. Your dog learns quicker and retains information better when we use positive association with appropriate behaviors.

*PRO TIP*  Frozen carrots are great chews to help ease the pain of teething for your puppy

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