force free dog training

Force Free Dog Training

🐕💜 FORCE FREE TRAINING 💜🐕 What exactly does that mean? And why do we use it? 🌟 Force free training is a common term used for Positive Reinforcement training 🌟 This means that we use positive associations to build desired behaviors. Absolutely no threats, force, pain, intimidation or coercion. Why do we use this method? […]

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how to prepare my dog for a new baby

How To Prepare My Dog For A New Baby

​How To Prepare My Dog For A New BabyAre you going to have a baby soon? Obviously, the excitement of the experience is beyond words and you would be planning a number of things. However, one thing most mothers-to-be don’t consider is preparing their dog for the new baby. As you would know, dogs can […]

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teach puppy not to bite

How To Teach A Puppy Not To Bite

Puppies are the absolute cutest! Ok, so are kittens, but right now we’re talking about puppies <3 One of the main issues I hear from people who have puppies is that they don’t know how to teach them that biting is inappropriate. This is becoming more of a problem for people because of how early […]

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The Ultimate Dog Recall

How frustrated do you get when your dog or puppy does not come when called?  Sometimes we shout, sometimes we full out scream … I bet some of you even think your dog has selective hearing at times!  ​ The truth of the matter is, most dogs only come when it’s convenient for them, like when […]

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dogs body language

Reading Your Dogs Body Language

Reading Your Dogs Body Language Do you ever wonder what goes on in the head of your beloved dog? Dogs are smart and expressive animals. They may not have the gift of speech but it does not mean they do not communicate with the world around them. Through many different gestures, postures and sounds, they […]

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