Using A Long Line To Train A Recall

I was speaking with a group member the other day about her dog’s recall … she didn’t come when called, especially when in the back yard.   Get access to FREE DOG TRAINING here >>>   Training a reliable recall is essential for every dog, but it does take time and patience.   I […]

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are you expect too much from your dog

Are You Expecting Too Much From Your Dog?

🌟Are You Expecting Too Much From Your Dog 🐕?   Dogs and puppies are moved around, adopted, surrendered, abandoned, etc. without any choice in the matter. Puppies especially have a large learning hurdle because they are learning everything new for the first time in our world.   Put yourself in their place. You’ve been moved […]

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signs of separation anxiety in dogs

Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation Anxiety in dogs can sometimes be tricky for the everyday pet parent to diagnose. It isn’t just one thing, one action, one behavior, that your dog will exhibit and let you know without a doubt that they are suffering from separation anxiety.   So, how would you begin to identify if your dog does […]

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Using Food Rewards To Train Your Dog

🌟Using Food To Train Your Dog 🐕   Yes, food (treats usually) is an excellent way to train dogs. We use a reward based system to shape a behavior or action and for most dogs food is the highest value reward we can use.   For some dogs, playing or a special toy may actually […]

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Does Your Dog Beg?

Does Your Dog Beg For Food? Begging is a common issue with dogs, but it is important to stop the behavior … not necessarily because it’s going to be a problem but because it can lead to other behavior problems. If you have a new dog and want to avoid begging in the future, simply […]

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