Reinforcing the Recall

Reinforcing Your Dogs Recall

The recall is one of the most important things you can teach your dog … But where most people go wrong is that they stop reinforcing the recall and your dog starts becoming iffy about coming or not coming when called. When you have something as important as a recall, you want to nurture it. […]

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How To Get My Dog To Wear A Harness Dog Training

How To Get My Dog To Wear A Harness

I love when I get to sit down with my dog and just train a simple activity or behavior! It’s rewarding to get the chance to bond – and it works my dogs brain so she is getting mental stimulation! So when a group member (Facebook – Dog Training 201: Train Positive) said that her […]

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Submissive and Excitable Urination

Submissive urination and excitable urination often feel like accidents … and to a degree, they are … but they are so much more than accidents when we look at the emotional responses that they actually are. Here’s a video I created for you to better understand and to help your dog overcome this little problem: […]

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