tips for a safe fourth of july

Tips for a Safe Fourth of July

​Fireworks can be incredibly scary to dogs and cats. Make sure your pets are safely indoors and be there to comfort them while fireworks are being set off. Play the TV or radio to try and drown out the noise from the fireworks. You can also try a Thundershirt to help your dog or cat […]

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can feral kittens become domesticated

Can Feral Kittens Become Domesticated?

​Can feral kittens become domesticated?​YES! YES! YES! I have domesticated a number of feral kittens myself and know many others who have domesticated many, many more.They say that as long as you can get them inside and work on socialization by the time the kitten is 12 weeks old, you should be fine.However, if you […]

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Pet Food Nightmares

Pet Food You are what you eat. The same holds true for your pet. It is important you feed your adorable friend a healthy and balanced diet to keep him happy and playful. Staying away from processed food and increasing the intake of fresh food is important for you as well as for your four-legged […]

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cat drinking out of faucet

Why Does My Cat Drink Out Of The Faucet?

You’ve got water bowls down all over the house but your cat wants you to turn the sink on for her to drink … why is that?Cats instinctively prefer running water sources, and who can blame them since out in the wild standing water can harbor all sorts of disease and infestation.In addition to still […]

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DIY Paw Salve for Dogs and Cats

DIY Paw Salve for Dogs & Cats

DIY Paw SalveThe cold weather can be rough on your pets paw pads which can lead to cracks and bleeding. If left untreated this can also lead to infection. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to help keep your dog (or cats) paws happy and healthy!What you’ll need: 6 - 1 oz tins double boiler (or […]

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Cat Play – The Right Toys

Playing with your cat is essential to a happy, healthy feline and a household that peacefully co-exists. But playing with your furry feline friend shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun . . . for the both of you! Play time with your cat should mimic hunting in the wild and you may be […]

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Tips for Adopting a Rescue Pet

Tips for Adopting a Rescue Pet Rescues and shelters are home to several wonderful pets so congratulations on bringing one home. While shelter animals come from several backgrounds, they all share one important fact: they are all furry creatures in search of a home. Animals crave for the attention of their owners and long to […]

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