Can I Feed My Cat Tuna?

can I feed my cat tuna

Ever wondered if you can feed your cat tuna?

First, you need to understand that cats are obligate carnivores. This means that their digestive systems are designed to eat animals.

So it sounds like tuna would be just fine, and in small quantities it is fine. In fact, your cat will be thrilled to have some of that stinky canned fish!

But you do need to be mindful not to give your kitty too much canned tuna because

Tuna, like salmon and swordfish, are carnivorous fish. This means that they can contain higher levels of mercury. And too much mercury for your cat isn’t a good thing.

In fact, too much fish, in general, for your cat isn’t the best thing either.

Fish are high in fatty acids, and although some fatty acids are good for your cat, having too many fatty acids in the diet can deplete your cat’s vitamin E levels.

Bottom line, canned tuna is perfectly fine in moderation, such as for treats, but it is not suitable as your cat’s primary diet.