DIY Paw Wipes

DIY Paw Cleansing Wipes – Homemade Paw Cleaning Wipes

​Make Your Own Pet Cleaning Wipes​DIY Dog Paw Wipes 3 cups water1 Tbsp dawn dish soap2 Tbsp coconut oil2 Tbsp hydrogen peroxidepaper towel roll, cut in halfcontainer with lid to fit paper towels​ Originally found this recipe at: ​Have you tried them yet?Let me know how you like them!​Leave a comment on my Facebook page Continue […]

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how to have a cat when allergic

How To Have A Cat When You’re Allergic

​How To Have A Cat When You’re Allergic Insert Video ​How To Have A Cat When You’re Allergic1. Change your cats food to a species specific, biologically appropriate diet (raw food). This will increase your cats health, including their skin and coat. Which in turn reduces dander (that stuff you’re allergic to)2. Bathe your cat […]

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